Nursery slammed by mums after giving four-year-old a henna tattoo without parents' permission

A NURSERY has been criticised online for giving a four-year-old a henna tattoo without her parents' permission.

Taking to Mumsnet, one mum explained she was "baffled" after her daughter returned from nursery with a henna tattoo on her hand.

"When my DH picked up our DD (4) from nursery one of the staff said she had drawn DDs initials in henna on DDs hand because DD insisted," she wrote.

"DH did not complain.

"I am baffled as to why the nursery would have henna out in the first place.

"It is brown henna and I don’t think it is particularly dangerous but I am quite miffed that nursery staff thought it was OK to give my 4-year-old a temporary tattoo.

"Would you complain about this?"

And other parents were equally appalled by the nursery's actions, with one pointing out that henna can cause allergic reactions in some people.

One mum explained she had had a similar situation at her daughter's secondary school, but was required to sign a consent form.

Another wrote: "I had to sign a consent for my DD's nursery to put suncream on her.

"I'd be fuming if she came home with henna. Definitely make a complaint."

One mum said: "I'd be completely furious. I don't like that kind of thing on kids for 'fun'.

"I would not permit my child and it is not up to nursery to decide on something like that on a parent's behalf.

"I have had a reaction to a tiny amount of henna at a wedding and wouldn't want it tried on a child.

"It is appropriate nursery explain this situation and explain why henna was in use at school (considering it doesn't wash off for a while) and whether they had even considered that henna causes severe reactions and such things need explicit permission.

"If your child insisted they wanted to go out of school to the park alone would they let her?

"Of course not. So why would they paint her hand because she insisted? Ridiculous."

Other parents, however, were less understanding, with one saying they would "find it hard to get worked up about this".

Another said: "How do some people have the energy to be angry and upset about things like this?"

Others said it "wasn't a big deal" and urged the mum to let it go.

"These things happen when they do activities in nursery and school, if there is no harm done then let it go OP your DD probably really loved her doing it," one said.

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