One of the Queen's favourite hotels The Ritz has special lighting to make rich women look more beautiful when they're drinking tea

IT'S been revealed that The Ritz has special lighting to make women look more beautiful.

The luxury hotel is known for its decadent afternoon tea, served in the Palm Court room – which boasts a soft glow and a chic pastel decor.

On tonight's episode of ITV's Inside The Ritz Hotel, it's explained that the Palm Court was "designed with women in mind".

When hotelier César Ritz opened the hotel in 1906, he ordered the room to be decorated with pastel colours and flattering lighting.

John Williams – The Ritz's Executive Chef – explains: "César Ritz always insisted to have a peachy pink glow, and that was to actually help make the ladies look beautiful.

"If the ladies looked beautiful, the gentlemen would follow."

Andrew Love – the hotel's Deputy Chairman – adds: "Women by and large at the turn of the 20th century were unable to go unaccompanied anywhere.

"But it's well recorded that this was the first hotel that ladies could come unchaperoned for afternoon tea."

And that's not the only part of the hotel that aims to make its guests feel special.

The programme also gives us a glimpse of a number of lavish touches, including feather and down pillows, suites with private butlers and a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce Phantom that's available for hire.

The hotel's hallmark Ritz champagne is made in Champagne, France (where else?), and originates from a vineyard owned by part of the aristocratic Rothschild dynasty.

It's aged in a cellar for at least four years before being sent to the UK.

The Ritz is one of the Queen's favourite hotels – she chose it as the party venue for both her Golden Jubilee in 2002 and 80th birthday in 2006.

This isn't particularly surprising, considering its royal-inspired look and legion of uniformed staff.

It's also on the edge of London's Green Park, which is just next to Buckingham Palace.

Inside The Ritz Hotel airs tonight at 8pm on ITV1.

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