Only Stylish Anglers Need Apply for BEAMS' Exclusive Abu Garcia Capsule

Abu Garcia, an otherwise unassuming fishing brand, has exploded in popularity in Japan over the past year, following suit with Japanese-operated DAIWA. Abu Garcia has collaborated with the likes of taste-making boutique 1LDK and is-ness and now rejoins omnipresent retailer BEAMS for another round of special goods, launching just ahead of Spring/Summer 2021.

Issued in timeless black and military-adjacent olive drab, the collection comprises a few fishing essentials, remixed with contemporary cool and comfort-minded cuts. These include a baggy BDU jacket with over a half-dozen layered pockets and tabs, a sizeable vest, knee-length cargo shorts, bucket hats and logo-laden T-shirts, picking right where the duo’s Fall/Winter 2020 partnership left off. Each cargo-friendly item is relatively affordable — the jackets weigh in at about $250 USD and vests at around $150 USD — and cut from a tough water-resistant stretch polyester, retaining the reliable nature that customers expect from Abu Garcia.

Pre-order the exclusive Abu Garcia items on BEAMS’ web store before they launch in March.

Most recently, BEAMS launched bespoke items with Nissin, Shaka and Engineered Garments.
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