Parents can now film Santa's Reindeer visiting their homes and eating carrots on Christmas Eve

LEAVING out a plate of carrots and a tray of biscuits for Santa and his reindeer was one of our all-time favourite Christmas Eve traditions when we were kids.

But you can now VIDEO Rudolph and his buddies visiting their homes.

Yes McDonald's has launched a new digital tool which allows parents to film Rudolph chowing down on a plate of carrots in their very own kitchen… or whatever location takes their fancy.

All you have to do is open McDonald's Reindeer Ready Live app on your phone and follow the instructions.

The app was originally launched last year and was such a hit it has returned for another year.

Once opened it will ask you to take a photo of where your children have left the carrots out for the reindeer before creating your own personalised video of Rudolph chowing down on the veg.

As if children didn't find Christmas exciting enough, this handy tool is a surefire way to tip them over the edge into full-on festive hysteria…

And if this wasn't enough, children can also follow Father Christmas' journey around the globe using the NORAD Santa Tracker.

Along with a running total of gifts that have successfully been delivered, this online tracker gives children a play-by-play of Santa's 510km journey across the globe.

In more parenting news, kids get up at 6:44am on Christmas Day and start opening their presents at 8:48.

And this bedtime story app promises to get kids to sleep on Christmas Eve in 20 minutes thanks to calming beats and sounds.

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