People are only just realising you can figure out which way a door opens with just ONE look | The Sun

HAVE you ever been left red-faced after opening a door the wrong way?

Well, Char has – up until now.

She took to TikTok to share something she wishes she knew sooner, demonstrating on one of her own doors.

"If you’ve ever been out and been embarrassed you’ve opened the door the wrong way… why don’t they tell you this stuff in school?" Char began.

"I mean, obviously I know which way my doors open because it’s my house, but picture that you’re out and you don’t."

She then revealed the trick, adding that it's all about the hinges.

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"If you can see the door’s hinges, then the door will open towards you," she said.

"If you can’t (see the hinges) then…"

She then went round to the other side of the door, where she couldn't see the hinges, and pushed it open away from her.

"I mean, smart people will know – I didn’t know!" Char concluded.

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She added in her video caption: "How have I only just found this out at 30!!"

Among those commenting on the clip was a man who responded with numerous mindblown emojis.

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Social media has been awash in recent weeks with people sharing videos of things they are only just realising.

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