Plus-size shoppers slam Zara jeans, joking there’s a much easier way to get the trendy slashes in them | The Sun

ANYONE with thick thighs knows the endless problem that comes with wearing jeans.

But if you're sick of forking out for new jeans every time the fabric rips, think again.

It turns out Zara are selling jeans with the thigh rips already there, but they've been slammed by plus-size shoppers who joke that they can get the trendy slashes for free.

One fashion fan spotted the ripped denim on sale in the shop and couldn't help but wonder why they would purposely add in the thigh rips.

She filmed the jeans, showing off the rips as she said: "Omg why did you do that?"

Her video quickly went viral and sparked confusion from fellow plus-size girls who know the struggle of having thick thighs and wearing jeans.


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Plus-size influencer McKenna Maureen replied to the original video equally as confused by the ready-made rips.

"Zara is ripping you off," she proclaimed.

She added: "If you're fat you get that for free."

And she wasn't the only one confused by the unusual design.

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One user joked: "For real I'll sell them my jeans if they want ripped thighs."

A second said: "Finally I can be trendy with my old jeans."

"I mean my fat thigh friction has been burning through jeans like this for years and now it's fashionable," someone else joked.

And other users were furious that they'd binned their ripped jeans.

One said: "So you're telling me I didn't have to throw out my favourite pair of jeans, it was going to become a trend?!"

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