Primary school maths question stumps adults – so can YOU work out how many triangles are in this image?

NEED something to get your brain in gear this Wednesday morning? We’ve got just the thing.

Parents have been left stumped by a series of fiendishly tricky maths questions – but you shouldn’t need a degree to solve them as they’re intended for primary school pupils.

According to the MailOnline, the questions were devised by Chris Hogbin, education leader at mathematical software solutions company, 3P Learning, from New South Wales.

But while they are intended for youngsters, the tricky questions are proving a challenge for even the brainiest mums and dads.

Reckon you can ace the test? Scroll down to answer the questions, answers can be found at the bottom of the page, but no cheating!

1 How many triangles are in this image?

In the first question puzzlers are asked to work out how many triangles appear in this image.

The majority of people taking the quiz will be able to spot at least four, but can you work out how many there actually are?

2 What does the fruit add up to?

The second question requires you to do a little mental arithmetic.

You can only figure out the answer to the third question by working backwards to work out the value of each of the fruit.

But can you figure out the value of the fruit salad?

3 8+2×4÷2

The key to solving this equation is by changing the order in which you solve each part.

Mathematicians say in order to find the correct answer is to read it as '8 + ((2 x 4)÷2)’

If you mix up the equation any other way you will always end up with the incorrect answer (you’ll need to harp back to the days of BODMAS to remember this theory).

But can you answer it correctly?


1 There are 12 triangles in total

2 The answer is 31. The apples have a value of 20, bananas 18 and cherries two.

3 The answer is 12.

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