Princess Diana’s ‘clever’ cleavage style ploy – ‘how a princess does it’

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Miranda Holder is a stylist who has worked with the likes of Little Mix and Boy George. She posts fashion tips and insights on her TikTok account, and recently discussed a style trick deployed by the Princess of Wales.

Miranda said: “The humble clutch bag is an elegant choice loved by the Royal Family.

“But, did you know, it has another secret use?

“Clutch bags are recently used by the likes of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle as an elegant addition to their outfit.

“Princess Diana was also a devotee, but this was for another very clever reason.”

The fashion expert went on: “Princess Diana would regularly use her clutch bag to shield her cleavage for the paparazzi when getting in and out of a car. That is how a princess does it.”

The royal was vocal about using this tip and even discussed it with a famous British fashion designer.

Handbag designer Anya Hindmarsh, who previously told The Telegraph: “We used to laugh when we designed what she called her ‘cleavage bags’, little satin clutches which she would cover her cleavage with when she stepped out of cars.”

Princess Diana was potentially inspired to use the handbag trick after she wore a cleavage-bearing dress shortly after her engagement to Charles.

The dress causes a furore in the press and headlines focused on her figure.

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Diana told her biographer Andrew Morton: “I remember my first engagement so well.

“So excited. I got this black dress from the Emanuels and I thought it was OK because girls my age wore this dress.”

She went on: “Black, to me, was the smartest colour you could possibly have at the age of 19.

“It was a real grown-up dress. I was quite big-chested then, and they (the Press) all got frightfully excited.”

“It was a horrendous occasion. I didn’t know whether to go out of the door first.

“I didn’t know whether your handbag should be in your left hand or your right hand.

“I was terrified, really — at the time everything was all over the place.

“I remember that evening so well. I was terrified — nearly sick.”

Miranda disclosed another styling trick used by another royal to keep high heels feeling comfortable all day. 

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, wears a special pair of tights anyone can get hold of, Miranda claimed.

She said: “It’s all in the hosiery. Royal ladies are meant to wear tights or stockings when out in public and Kate wears a special pair.”

Kate wears the John Lewis & Partners 7 Denier Barely There Ladder Resist Non-Slip Tights. The tights cost just £6.

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