Professional fake tanner slams dodgy method to tan hands and gives tips for getting a perfect bronzed look

WHEN it comes to perfecting the bronzed look, it's areas like your hands and feet that can always take a hit and end up looking streaky or too orange.

But fear not, as a professional fake tanner has come to the rescue and revealed her tips for how to achieve a perfectly even finish on your hands, while slamming one beauty fan's chaotic technique.

Tanning tips are always doing the rounds on TikTok, with one account sharing the bizarre method they swear by to tan their hands and people joked it was giving them "anxiety".

It involved squirting a huge heap of self-tan mousse onto the palm of your hand and rubbing it all over – covering both the back of the hand and the palms.

People were left unconvinced by the method, with tanning expert Jessica Rae Buck revealing there is a much "easier and simpler" way to ensure your hands are perfectly bronzed.

In a video she shared online, she reveals: "To get even hands, there's a way easier and simpler way to do this than what they were doing in the video previously.

"What I would do and recommend is you apply lotion to the top of your hands, the inside of your hands and your wrists, then use your applicator mitt to apply the self-tan mousse onto your hand."

Talking viewers through her method, she advised: "Make sure you bend your knuckles and get in between your fingers and you will have an even application."

She warned against completely covering the hands in self-tan in the previous video, as she explained doing so is more likely to lead to brown cuticles and an orange colour.

"The way they are doing that will leave room for the cuticles to be brown, you not rinsing it off completely and the self-tanning mousse can actually settle a little bit before you attempt to wipe it off," she revealed.

"So, it's just not a bulletproof way to do it, it really isn't – especially if it's your first time ever self-tanning, do not do this."

Take note, people. You've been warned.

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