Queer Eye<\/em> Star Tan France Gave a Busy Teacher a Style Transformation

As one of the Fab Five on Netflix’s Queer Eye, fashion expert Tan France helps makeover subjects find clothes that are more flattering and express their personalities. And while fans wait for the impending sixth season of the show, they can also enjoy Tan doing what he does best in the Makeover With Tan video series over on his YouTube channel.

In a socially distanced episode filmed last year, Tan helps out an incredibly deserving individual; an elementary school teacher named Matt Okabe, who has been working throughout the pandemic and all of the challenges that it has presented. “I think being able to see the resilience in our kids, right, they all have difficult things that they’re dealing with, certain challenges that are really unique, and I’ve been able to see them overcome,” Matt tells Tan.

Matt has a decidedly casual, comfort-oriented approach to his daily wardrobe, and jokes that he only wears suits if he’s attending a funeral, so Tan starts him off with some casual basics, including earth-tone T-shirt and chinos, and a charcoal grey shacket. “They complement your skin beautifully,” says Tan.

Next up, Matt tries on darker jeans and a polo neck, with a brighter blue overshirt; and while just as comfortable as the clothes he’s used to, Tan instructs him that it is more of a “look” that he could wear either to work or out to dinner. “Yeah, I think I could wear something like this more often,” says Matt. “Everyone likes options, right? So this is definitely more options for me moving forward.”

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