Savvy girlfriend reveals how she got a £450 PS5 for just £120 (plus loads of other goodies too) – here's how you can

A WOMAN has claimed how she bagged a PS5 and others goodies from John Lewis in an auction for just £120. 

TikTok user Katherine Chalmers showed how she “hit the jackpot” after putting in a bid in the blind auction.

She also managed to get five bean bags, a mug, curtain poles, wool, a dog bed, a mirror, a soap dispenser and a bath caddy – along with the popular console. 

Katherine wrote in the video: “We put a bid for a random pallet of ex-John Lewis goods.

“It’s a blind auction so we didn’t know what would be in the box.

“We paid £120 including delivery. This is pallet arrival day. This was a very exciting gloomy February day.”

Some people said the deal seemed too good to be true, with one commenting: “Just not true is it.”

The girlfriend explained to skeptical TikTok users that her and her boyfriend used the auction website BidSpotter to bag the deals. 

Katherine’s two haul videos have racked up a staggering 174,000 likes with many people saying they want to try bidding in an auction.

Katherine did a follow-up clip sharing the “reality” of the auction, explaining that they later found out the PS5 wasn’t working when they tried to sell it for £536.

She wrote: “They tested it, it stopped working. So it is broken. We will try to get it fixed.”

However, people were still impressed at the pallet, with one saying: “Omg how lucky.”

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