Sexpert proudly shows off her armpit hair as she hits back at trolls who say it makes them ‘want to throw up’ – The Sun

A SEX expert who proudly displays her hairy armpits on social media and in real life has hit back at trolls who shamed her for her au natural look.

Nadia Bokody argues the reaction to her bushy armpits is evidence of sexism and double standards.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the Australian sexpert complained that she loses followers every time she shares images of her pits.

But that hasn't put Nadia off baring all online – in fact, she makes a point of showing off her pits in order to highlight the fact women are judged differently to men when it comes to body hair.

She wrote: "Every time I post a pic acknowledging I have hair under my arms (the shock! The horror!), I instantly lose around 200-300 followers."

No guesses who they are – men, of course!"⠀⠀⠀

The Australian sex expert has over 50,000 followers
Nadia claims men leave her hate commentsCredit: Instagram/nadiabokody

Nadia went on to detail how men often leave her 'spew face' emojis when they unfollow her, claiming to have read comments like, "How gross! Think I just threw up in my own mouth!! Ew, doesn’t it SMELL?!!"

In response, Nadia wrote: "Um, no more than your body hair, dude. And women have been putting up with that stench for centuries. Also, don’t get me started on men’s bedsheets and the fact they never wash them.

She added: "The fact a couple of tufts of hair on a woman can cause so much outcry goes to show just powerful sexist conditioning is around the ways women are expected to appeal to the male gaze."

To conclude, she wrote: "Any man who shames you for a part of your body – hair, or otherwise – is an insecure douchebag who doesn’t belong within a hundred feet of your pussy."

She then told anyone following her "good riddance."

Though Nadia might lose a few followers for posting pictures of her fuzzy pits, many people have rushed to congratulate her on normalising female body hair.

Over 1,800 people have liked the post, with one follower calling her "fantastic," and another said "Hear, hear!"

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