Sexy ‘booty pop’ pose is a must for flaunting your curves – and Vicky Pattison is a fan – The Sun

CELEBS know a thing or two when it comes to perfecting their pose and the latest to sweep Instagram is guaranteed to showcase your curves.

The "booty pop" has been spotted on the accounts of Vicky Pattison, Emily Ratajkowski and the Kardashian sisters among others.

Those hoping to perfect the pose will need to get on all fours as these stars have done, before curving their back in order to make their bum "pop".

Vicky was one of the first to perfect the pose sharing a snap of her crouching in the sand on the island of Zaya Nurai, Dubai earlier this year.

And with her post amassing over 51,000 likes it wasn’t long until other stars followed suit.

Never one to shy away from a seductive shot, Emily Ratajkowski shared her own take on the position last month in Kokomo, Hawaii.

Blac Chyna's derriere is often centre stage of her social media so it was no surprise to see her modelling the pose.

She even took her own stance on it with an upright "booty pop" to capture her peachy behind in its best light.

And of course when it comes to showcasing a booty who does it better than the Kardashians with both Kim and Kylie popping booties.

It is just the latest pose to take Instagram by storm after “the flamingo” flooded the grid last month.

Celebs like Kendall Jenner and numerous Instagram models seemed to have decided that copying the pink bird in bending one knee so you are standing on one leg is all the rage.


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For bonus points you can slightly cross your knees, which helps to create a slimming effect for your legs – but you’ll need expert balance.

Meanwhile the Plandid (planned candid) is also every Instagrammer's go-to for creating an off-guard, au natural snap.

Meanwhile, the "shelfie belfie" is the cheeky new Instagram pose Kate Wright, Chloe Ferry and the Love Island girls are loving.

And celebs have been raking in the likes by straddling long tree trunks in thong bikinis.


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