Shopper bags £24 of B&M cushions for just 40p and others are desperate to get in on the action

A WOMAN managed to bag herself four cushions for just 40p –saving herself nearly £24.

The homeowner picked up some furnishings at a new B&M store in her town of Hednesford, Staffordshire, but got even more of a bargain than she was expecting.

She grabbed two black-and-white cushions which had been discounted from £5.99 to £4.

Only when she got home and looked at her receipt did she realise she’d in fact managed to nab them for a measly 10p each.

Not willing to let the bargain pass her up, she later sent her partner back to the store to pick up the rest of the cushions.

She posted about her amazing bargain on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, sharing snaps of her haul.

She said: “My bargain of the day!

“We have a new b&m opened in Hednesford and these cushions were on the manager’s special for £4 each which I thought was a good price so I picked up 2.

“Got home and checked the receipt and they were scanned as 10p each.

“I made my chap go back to get the last 2 and those also scanned through as 10p each.

“4 new cushions for 40p! Well chuffed.”

People have thanked her for sharing her tip, as they tried to get their hands on some discounted items.

One person commented: “Thank you! Good find I never get any bargains like in B&M.”

Another said: “WOW. What great bargains. I love you room.”

A third wrote: “Your room looks so lovely, great taste! Awesome bargain & thanks for sharing.”

Someone else added: Omg we never get these deals lol I need to go.”

While this person suggested: “Keep your eye out for matching throw, as it’s reducted to £4 and it’s been that for a while!!”

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