Simple Pancake Day hack let's you enjoy up to four different toppings at once for the ultimate pancake pocket

PANCAKES are always a good idea, but Pancake Tuesday gives us a reason to indulge in the delicious sweet treat – without feeling guilty.

A common issue we face, though, is trying to decide what toppings to have – but this simple hack lets you enjoy up to four at once for the ultimate pancake pocket

The past couple of months saw toasted tortilla wraps soar in popularity with foodies choosing anything from chicken nuggets to Nutella to customise their snack.

It's popularity was probably because the options were endless, which is why now one home cook has used the same method for the ultimate pancake treat.

Sharing a clip on TikTok, food and travel blogger Rasha Akar showed how to use the four-part method using a pancake – rather than a tortilla.

The end result is somewhat of a pancake pocket, rather than the traditional stack you'd eat with a knife and fork.

First, she lays the pancake flat and uses bananas and strawberries on two of the four quarters.

On the other two she slathers with chocolaty Nutella before folding it over one quarter at a time.

This creates a triangle shape which you can easily hold and bite into – but not before covering the entire thing in whipped cream.

Commenting on her culinary skills, she said the pancake pocket is “very messy but so good” – and we're definitely sold.

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