Skin-crawling moment a mum runs a comb through a girl’s hair and discovers an insane lice infestation

WE all remember having headlice as kids, while parents undoubtedly have a lice comb handy to check their kids’ hair at any given moment. 

And you’ll be running to the bathroom to grab it after a mum revealed what can happen if you don’t regularly check children’s hair. 

The mum, called Sherrii, shared a clip to TikTok, showing a lice infestation in a little girl’s hair, admitting she was ‘overrun’. 

Posting under the name NitPickerPerth, Sherrii, who helps out fellow parents with nit outbreaks, uploaded the stomach-churning video as she revealed how to tell how long the lice have been in the hair.

She said: “What happens when you refuse to sit so someone can nit comb?!

“You get overrun in just a few weeks.

“This infestation is no more than eight weeks old.

“Just look at how many different sizes there are.” 

More than five million people have watched the clip in absolute horror over the bug breakout, with one person commenting: “This made me shiver."

Another asked: “My hair is all of sudden really itchy."

A third said: “Wow that's severe."

This person thought: “Omg chop it short and go from there."

While another added: “How does anyone let it get that bad?"

For anyone currently battling an infestation of their own, Sherrii shared her tips to stop lice returning. 

Filming herself going through a girl’s long locks with a nit comb, she said: “One week late follow up nit combing to catch any missed lice.

“This is the safest most effective way to end an infestation and keep them from returning.”

Meanwhile head lice experts share the worst case they’ve EVER seen as hundreds of wriggling bugs comb out of hair with one brush.

Plus grim footage will make you think twice about using face wipes to get rid of your foundation.

And these Crime Scene Cleaners wear hazmat suits to clear hoarder’s bathroom packed full of used nappies and sanitary pads.


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