Sophie Wessex wears strawberry brooch with ‘hidden meaning’ – expert

Queen's funeral: Prince Edward and Sophie emotional

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Sophie, Countess of Wessex, 57, wore a beautiful brooch to the Queen’s funeral in the shape of a strawberry. What hidden meaning was behind this jewel?

Tobias Kormind, the managing director of Europe’s largest online diamond jeweller 77 Diamonds, spoke exclusively to about the jewels worn at Her Majesty’s funeral.

He said: “Sophie Wessex chose to wear a brooch. The Queen herself rarely went out without a brooch, so it could certainly be seen as an enduring connection to her.

“This brooch had two strawberries of black and silver diamonds.

“It has been suggested that one of the Queen’s favourite fruits was British strawberries, so there may be a hidden meaning in her choice of jewellery,” the expert claimed.

Which other royals wore jewellery to honour Her Majesty at the state funeral?

Tobias continued: “All the jewellery worn by female members of the Royal Family at the late Queen’s funeral encapsulate notions of enduring love and admiration. 

“Lady Sarah Chatto, the late Queen’s niece, wore diamond earrings and a pearl bracelet, but the main tribute to her inextricable connection with the Queen is the brooch she chose to wear.

“Margaret too received it as a wedding gift, from her husband in 1960 and wore it numerous times in her lifetime, including at the late Queen’s 60th birthday celebration in 1986.

“Sarah also wore one of the brooches during the golden wedding anniversary of Elizabeth and Philip in 1997, as well as to her mother’s funeral in 2002,” the expert noted.

What did more minor royals like Sarah Ferguson and Lady Louise accessorise with at the funeral?

Tobias claimed: “Similarly, Sarah Ferguson wore a brooch in the shape of a swallow. Swallows are claimed to be symbols of safety and traditionally helped guide sailors home.

“This could suggest a loving message as the late Queen embarked on the historic journey to her final resting place.

“Lady Louise Windsor wore a silver necklace with a horse-head-shaped pendant as a tribute to the late Queen who adored horses.”

What jewels did Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie wear?

Tobias suggested that Eugenie could have broken tradition with her choice of earrings.

He said: “Princess Beatrice notably did not wear any visible jewellery, whereas Eugenie opted for simple gold hoops, even though most royal women wore pearls.

“Pearls have traditionally been connected to mourning, ever since Queen Victoria wore only black and pearls after the death of her husband.

“Zara Tindall followed this tradition by wearing simple pearl earrings.”

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