Stacey Solomon shows off Pickle Cottage bathroom transformation – but accidentally gives fans eyeful of loo full of wee

STACEY Solomon has a huge renovation project on her hands after moving into her dream home Pickle Cottage and after tackling her bathroom toilet, she's shared an easy how-to with fans online.

The Tap To Tidy queen documented the process for her 4.3 million followers – but fans got more than they bargained for as she accidentally shared a picture of her loo full of wee too.

All Stacey needed for her bathroom glow up was some blue paint and a set of white wooden MDF panels she picked up on a trip to DIY and home improvement store Wickes.

Transforming the toilet required no tools at all, as Stacey explained in a step-by-step guide that she'd be sticking the panels to the wall with No More Nails.

Sharing a video of her at work to Instagram, the Tap To Tidy queen joked: "I am fully aware of how unnecessarily excited I am, I can't help it. So I'm going to panel the bottom half with these MDF panels and No More Nails.

"And paint the top half a nice blue colour to match the sink."

First, she got cracking with the paint, giving the bathroom an instant facelift with a splash of pastel blue around the top half of the walls, which were originally a dull off-white colour.

Stacey said: "I cut in and painted. I prefer cutting in without tape, I tried both today and I'm neater without tape."

Moving on to the panelled bottom half, Stacey explained: "Then I put no more nails on the back of the cladding and just put them up trying to make sure I got the grooves in tightly.

"I started from the toilet pipe in here because I couldn't get behind it, so I need to saw two pieces to fit on the ends."

Stacey added that she's putting a dado rail on top of the panels to finish it off and she's ripped up the dated red carpet in the hope of replacing it with either tiling or wood.

She also changed the wooden toilet seat, revealing: "It was making me feel gross, looked like there was wee in the toilet all the time with the brown seat."

On reflection, Stacey realised that she had hilariously posted a picture of the toilet without it having been flushed and apologised to her 4.3 million followers, adding: "I just thought the brown seat was giving it a yellow tinge, but on closer inspection, it's clearly just full of urine.

"None of my kids know how to flush the toilet for some reason, so I'm sorry you had to see that."

With the bathroom toilet still a work in progress, Stacey said: "This is as far as I've got today, tomorrow I'm going to cut some panelling to fit in the gaps and put the rail around [and] decided what to do with the floor.

"I had to pull the carpet up it was making me feel sick and then the fun bit, I just get to accessorise."

Fans were raving about the transformation and sent in messages to the X Factor star, telling Stacey how "amazing" she is and how they wish they too could take on DIY projects like she does.

Insisting the process had been quick and super easy, Stacey replied: "There's nothing that you couldn't do, it's a bit of No More Nails, bit of paint and if you ever did want to do it, you 100 per cent can. I promise."

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