Struggling mum blown away by HUGE kids’ holiday pack from school – filled with toys, food & cleaning products

A STRUGGLING mum was ‘blown away’ by the care package her kid's school sent home – which even included toys and cleaning supplies. 

Chloe Milton, 27, said she was contacted by teachers at Oasis Academy Warndon to see if she wanted to receive a holiday pack for half-term. 

Chloe, a bartender from Worcester, said yes and thought she’d get a ‘few bites’ to keep her children entertained over the holidays, but received a bumper hamper. 

The mum-of-four was shocked to open up mountains of food, including cereal and fruit bars, biscuits, crisps, cream crackers, bagels and even two large boxes of Kellogg's’ cereal. 

There were even games for her kids – seven-year-old Astra-May, five-year-old twins Nabilah and Amirah, and two-year-old Imran – including two puzzles, a British Library fun pack and Snakes and Ladders. 

While there was even something for her, with a scented candle, dry shampoo, kitchen sponges and bulbs for the garden. 

Chloe said: “The school were making up holiday packages for families and called to offer me one.

“They said there were a few fun things for the children to enjoy through the holidays but I wasn’t expecting much.

“I was gobsmacked at how much they gave me.

“We’re not the worst off family but time to time things can be tight – I’m sure it’s the same for a lot of people.

“I was extremely grateful and didn’t expect it at all. We’re still receiving the free school meal vouchers as well, as I was really shocked.

“It felt so overwhelming and I felt I didn’t deserve this as there must be people worse off than us.”

The box also include lots of ingredients to whip up healthy meals, including tuna, a lasagne kit, tins of soup, penne pasta, hot dogs, microwavable rice, noodles and instant mashed potatoes. 

Chloe said she donated what she didn’t need, as she urged parents to reach out for help if they’re struggling. 

She added: “The school have done amazing and helped many families.

"Always ask for help and don't be embarrassed! With the current climate times are really hard for everyone.

“Speak up and prevent little mouths going hungry – and help others where you can.”

She initially shared the hamper on Facebook, where her post racked up more than 2,000 likes, as people praised the school as ‘thoughtful’. 

Chloe wrote: “This is my children’s holiday pack.

“When the school rang I assumed it would just be a few bites to cheer them up over the holiday.

"Even a smelly candle and some bulbs to plant.”

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