Stunning optical illusion says a lot about your love life – and what you see first is your secret weakness

THIS optical illusion could reveal a lot about your secret weakness when it comes to your love life, depending on what you see first.

Take a look at this image and take note of which image you see first.

There are four different images in this picture by artist Oleg Shupliak. Each one might reveal something you've hidden from yourself when it comes to romance.

For each person who falls in love, there is something distinct about people that they are drawn to, according to Your Tango.

Whatever image you see first could tell you exactly what aspect of another person is your romantic weakness.

The masked woman

If you saw the masked woman first, you enjoy the chase.

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Your Tango explains this saying, "This doesn't necessarily mean you're into serial monogamy, but let's be real, it wouldn't be terribly surprising if you are."

"You can't help it; you love those early-bird days of falling in love, when you aren't quite boyfriend and girlfriend yet, but could definitely consider yourselves to be 'a thing.'"

"Those early days of romantic love are something special and should definitely be cherished, but love can and should go a whole lot deeper."

The couple

If you saw the couple first, that means you're attracted to the sense of safety and security.

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"You can't help yourself. You want to be edgy and cool and single like most of your friends, but there's something so darn appealing about building a life with someone you love and trust," Your Tango claimed.

They continued to say that security is a valid thing to desire, but you can't force it as "these things come with time."

"Which is exactly why it's such a rarified delight when you do get there."

The empty boat

If you saw the empty boat first, it means you're attracted to the unknown when you're falling in love.

"For some people, the new and the different are scary things they go out of their way to avoid, but not you," they explained.

"For you, meeting someone new and falling for them is one of the scariest things imaginable — and that's what makes it so incredibly appealing."

Your Tango recommended you indulge in your love of adventure but also open yourself up letting someone in on a deeper level.

The boatman

If you saw the boatman first, you're attracted to the idea of getting out of your own head.

"For you, every day is spent in constant struggle with fears and insecurity," they explained.

"When you meet someone who can transport you out of those feelings, it's truly magical to behold, and that feeling is what keeps you coming back to them for more."

"It's good that you know that turning your heart outward connects you with the world at-large, as long as you keep things in perspective."

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"No one else can "fix" you or your problems. Love doesn't make a person whole, after all, it just provides support when the burden of life feels too darn heavy."

In other news, this optical illusion reveals whether you're a romantic or prone to cheating.

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