Teen bags £1.6k worth of PrettyLittleThing clothes for £35 with some as little as 8p as she shares pics of her mega haul

PRETTYLITTLETHING’S Black Friday sale nearly broke the internet after they slashed prices to mere pennies – sending shoppers into a frenzy.

The e-tailer launched its 99 per cent off sale at midnight, and Jessica Simpson set her alarm so she’d be ready to snap up some bargains. 

The 19-year-old managed to nab £1,600 worth of clothing for just £35 – saving herself more than a grand. 

Student Jessica, from Preston, showed off the 78 items she bought, with her bed covered in a mountain of pink parcels.

She said: “I set myself an alarm for five minutes before the sale started to make sure I was online and ready for when it was released.

"I knew that there would be thousands of other people that would have been as eager as I was for the sale to begin so I wanted to make sure I was prepared.

"As soon as I was online and the sale began, things started to go out of stock immediately, so it was a race for all of the best items.

"It was a struggle trying to beat everyone else to the bargains but I did really well and managed to get £1600 worth of clothes and shoes just £35.

"As a student, I was so excited to be able to buy all these stylish items for pennies, I saved myself a fortune and hopefully won't have to buy anything for a while now."

Among her haul was shorts, dresses, jumpsuits, skirts and shoes, as she shared snaps of herself modelling her haul. 

She managed to bag items for as low as 8p, while one of her favourite purchases is a jumpsuit which was just 65p.

Jessica raved: “One of the best bargains I got was a premium black jumpsuit that should have been £65 but I bought it for 65p. It is amazing quality, I can't believe it bought it for such a cheap price.

"I am so happy with all of my purchases, very few of the items didn't fit so that was really good. I love Pretty Little Thing clothes because they're always so up to date with trends.

"They also always tend to fit nicely, I'm very petite so I do find it hard to find things that fit well, but with PLT it is always great.

"I just can't believe I managed to get so much for so little money. I saw online that a lot of people were left disappointed as items quickly went out of stock, so I feel very lucky that I managed to get so much.

"When all of my parcels were arriving my parents thought I was crazy and must have spent a fortune, but when I told them how much it actually cost they were so shocked and thought I done really well to get it all.

"I am the same size as my mum so she is really excited that I got so many nice things and she will be able to borrow it all.

"I definitely made the most of the Black Friday sale, now I can't wait to be able to go out and wear all of my new outfits."

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