Teenagers who split over six-year age gap rekindle their romance decades later to have a baby in their 40s – The Sun

A COUPLE who met as teens have rekindled their romance 14 years after splitting and have even had their dream baby in their 40's.

Jo Allen, 47, and Ian, 53, went their separate ways in 1994 after two years of dating but their love for one another never faded away.

The couple from Newbury, Berks, rekindled 14 years later and have been inseparable ever since.

Despite thinking they may never become parents due to their age – Jo, who is in English teacher, fell naturally pregnant at 43 with Grace, now three.

She said: “When we were together in the 90's, he was 27 and I was 21.

“The age gap proved to be a problem as I was often treated like a baby by his friends and he was embarrassed.

“He didn’t tell his parents about me and wouldn’t even hold my hands as we walked down the streets.

“I felt a secret so we split up but we never completely lost contact.”

After a turmoil of toxic relationships, Jo realised that the ‘one’ had been right in front of her the whole time.

She gave Ian, who is a sales manager, a second chance and couldn’t be happier.

“Jo added: "It was a bad split and I ignored him for a long time but that didn’t stop us from thinking about one another.

“We’ve always had a soft spot for one another."

They tied the knot but believed they will never have children due to their age.

However, Jo fell pregnant but tragically had a miscarriage at 16 weeks.

Whilst dealing with the loss, Jo recalls worrying about her mental health as she felt like her chance of becoming a mum had been ‘snatched away’.

She added: “We thought the ship had sailed for children so we were over the moon when we discovered I was pregnant.

“Sadly, we were only parents for four days as I began to bleed. It was the most traumatic time of our lives.

“It scarred me so I didn’t look for any signs of pregnancy – I thought I was hormonal because of the miscarriage and I felt like I was going mental.

“I cried a lot for five months and my stomach was rock solid – I thought it might be a cyst.

“But I was actually pregnant – it was a bittersweet moment.”

Jo admits feeling anxious throughout the pregnancy and was unable to relax until Grace, was one year old.

She said: “Grace is our world and she has brought her shy dad out of his shell.

“She is so sweet and sassy – we couldn’t imagine life without her."

Jo is sharing their story to give other people hope.

She said: “I want to show other couples that it is totally possible to be a parent in your forties.

"I had so many fears about becoming an older mum but actually I think it is better.

“All of our partying days are over so we don’t feel we are missing out of a weekend.

"We are happy to watch Disney films and have a picnic in the living room on a Saturday.

“I don’t feel like I’m old – even though I have been mistaken for her gran a few times.”

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