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Written by Naomi May

London label Soru’s Esme earrings, which are part of its collaboration with Something Navy, proved that they were the most prolific and hard-working duo at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

There was one duo that became the subject of frenzied internet chatter at this season’s Copenhagen Fashion Week. Bolshy, loud and attention-seeking, they made their presence known among the notoriously sheepish style set. They were ubiquitous, seen at every party and on the front row of every show. Indeed, London label Soru’s Esme earrings proved that they were the most prolific and hard-working pair at fashion week. Forget your favourite influencer duo, this pair of earrings was truly everywhere.

Soru jewellery’s Esme earrings, from its collaboration with Something Navy

The virtues of this pair of earrings are threefold. In the era of the capsule wardrobe, there are few accessories that lend themselves quite as seamlessly to the pared-back nature of dressing as statement earrings do. The only effort they require is for them to be clipped onto your ears. Secondly, these earrings are seasonless. Come rain or shine, they will transcend the weather and the style diktats the elements enforce. And let’s face it, is there anything more attractive to a fashion-conscious citizen of a country with topsy-turvy weather?

Larger-than-life earrings are a fashion week staple.

And finally, as proven by those who have embraced the Esme earrings during fashion month, there’s not an outfit that this pair can’t add to. For capsule wardrobe devotees, myself included, they’re clearly a winner; for maximalists, they can similarly add a touch of sartorial jazz hands. They’re the winning home-run of any outfit, in short. 

Soru, which translates as ‘sister’ in Sicilian, was founded in 2013 by sisters Francesca and Marianna. Its collaboration with Something Navy, of which the Esme earrings are a part, launched last year to rapturous applause from insiders.

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Images: Getty; Soru

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