The first thing you see when you look at this jazzy optical illusion tells you everything about your personality

THIS tricky brainteaser will tell you a lot about your personality, and it's all in the first thing you see when you look at the image.

Just a quick glance at this drawing can tell you what others think of you based on what you perceive.

Some people look at this jazzy drawing and see a soft-lipped yellow face, while others immediately identify a woman with floating hair playing a saxophone.

The Bright Side explained exactly what that means about you…

If you see a face

Seeing a face first means that you are probably an introvert.

It's likely you're not a big fan of socialising in large groups and prefer spending time with people in a quieter setting.

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The experts said: "You don't like noisy parties, they make you feel warn out both physically and emotionally."

If you a woman playing the saxophone

Seeing a woman with floaty hair playing on the saxophone indicates that you are a bit of an extrovert.

You probably enjoy big groups of people and like having a lot of friends around you at any one time.

The expert said: "You love socialising and people fall all over themselves to make friends with you.

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