The Headmistress is the strict new sex position that'll leave you longing for detention

WANT a new steamy sex position to spice up your lockdown?

You may want to try The Headmistress, which will certainly give you a class in the art of seduction. 

All you need for the pleasurable position is a desk or table – perfect for couples isolating together. 

The man needs to sit in a chair leaning back with his legs relaxed and resting apart. 

The woman then sits on top of her man, leaning towards the table with her back to him. 

Her legs are placed either side of the chair to support her body, with her elbows resting on the table in front of them. 

To ramp up the action, the man then holds his lady by the waist and rocks her back and forth. 

If the move is done correctly, it’ll leave both of you begging for a detention. 

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