These are the summer style staples that every insider has in their wardrobes

Written by Naomi May

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Depending on who you ask, summer is either nearly here or sort of nearly here, which means it’s time to consider that all-important summer wardrobe.

No, that’s not your eyes deceiving you: that really is the sun (yes, the actual sun) peeking through the clouds at present. Hurrah! Our sun-deprived skins will finally no longer be pallid and vitamin D-neglected and our hands will once again be reunited with a glass of Aperol at all times.

But while the return of something that at least closely resembles summer is something to be heralded, attentions must once again be turned towards our tired and lacklustre summer wardrobes. After two summers of stop-and-start lockdowns, courtesy of the government’s omni-dithering, there’s a high chance you’re lacking a few key essentials to make getting dressed in the heat a breeze.

Summer is about embracing bursts of bright and bold colours without ever veering away from all-important comfort.

Whether you’re opting for Hot Girl Summer, Cool Girl Summer or the newly coined, and my personal favourite, Feral Girl Summer, there is attention to be paid to our long-suffering wardrobes. When was the last time you invested in a show-stopping pair of shades? When was the last time you considered squeezing your toes into anything other than trainers, clogs or – gulp – maybe even Crocs? When was the last time you pondered what to wear in a temperature higher than 20°C? As I thought. 

Which is precisely why we decided that it’s time for a summer style refresh. Think back to school, but make it fashion and far less arduous and algebra-filled. In case the sun is blinding your vision and your sartorial clarity, we’ve rounded up the key items that every fashion insider has lining the inner sanctums of their seasonal wardrobes to take the stress out of summertime styling. You’re welcome.

  • Reformation Cello dress

    Reformation Cello dress

    Forget buying a legion of forgettable frocks and instead invest in quality over quantity. This pistachio-toned midi skirt is positively crying out for a spin in the sun.

    Shop Reformation Cello dress, £248


  • Catch Rhys The Twisted Chunky Hoops

    Catch Rhys The Twisted Chunky Hoops

    You’re only ever as stylish as the hoops that swing in your ear, regardless of the season. Opt for the best of the best in that case then with these solid gold hoops courtesy of east London label Catch Rhys.

    Shop Catch Rhys The Twisted Chunky Hoops, £140


  • St. Agni fine knit tank top

    St. Agni fine knit tank top

    Forget everything you thought you knew: the plain white T-shirt is dead, replaced now by its more streamlined sibling, the plain white tank top. A true forever classic in every fashion insider’s wardrobe.

    Shop St. Agni fine knit tank top at Browns Fashion, £135


  • Missoma x Le Specs Hydrus link oval sunglasses

    Missoma x Le Specs Hydrus link oval sunglasses

    Yes, you read that right: Missoma, the jewellery brand beloved for its bling, has debuted sunglasses just in time for summer. The London label has teamed up with cult sunnies brand Le Specs for a collection of shades that are too good to miss. We’ll take one of each to line our summer wardrobes, thank you very much.

    Shop Missoma x Le Specs Hydrus link oval sunglasses, £130


  • With Nothing Underneath boyfriend linen shirt

    With Nothing Underneath Boyfriend linen shirt

    Linen shirts are to summer what strawberries are to cream: a no-brainer. The style set wear theirs during the warmer months over baggy shorts with a wicker basket and potentially even a picnic in tow. 

    Shop With Nothing Underneath Boyfriend linen shirt, £100


  • Kurt Geiger Orson sandals

    Kurt Geiger Orson sandals

    Cool, chunky and comfortable, you say? Well, don’t mind if we do. It’s time to give those feet a bit of TLC before letting them shine in Kurt Geiger’s forever dad-inspired sandals.

    Shop Kurt Geiger Orson sandals, £159


  • You Swim Aplomb one-piece swimsuit

    You Swim Aplomb one-piece swimsuit

    The chameleon-esque qualities of a swimsuit in summer are two-fold: not only are they fantastic for a dip in the lido/sea/paddling pool, they can also just as seamlessly be tucked into shorts or a skirt for a tank top. Two birds, one stone.

    Shop You Swim Aplomb one-piece swimsuit, £126


  • Asos Design wide-leg linen trousers

    Asos Design wide-leg linen trousers

    Easy-breezy and the sort of forever trouser you’ll whip out of retirement time after time, invest in some linen flares and just watch as they effortlessly become the hardest-working member of your summer wardrobe. 

    Shop Asos Design wide-leg linen trousers, £30


  • Rogue Matilda Jessica bag

    Rogue Matilda Jessica bag

    Ah, the British seaside. For all of its faults, it’s pretty special to be able to nip to the coast and sit stationed on a towel with a beer in one hand, a book in another, and once the sun dips below the horizon, be able to throw everything into a stylish mega tote. This woven rainbow number is summer style personified.

    Shop Rogue Matilda Jessica bag, £70


  • Freedom Moses Angie slides

    Freedom Moses Angie slides

    Summer slides, but as you’ve never seen them before. Tel Aviv-based brand Freedom Moses is making the case for slides that are equal parts cool and comfortable, and frankly, we (and the rest of the fashion world) are sold. The best part? The brand will be dropping on Asos later this summer.

    Shop Freedom Moses Angie slides, £45


  • Martha Calvo Make Your Magic necklace

    Martha Calvo Make Your Magic necklace

    More-is-more jewellery is every fashion lover’s secret style weapon during the warmer months. Pile the loudest and most outré bling on and let it do all of the talking for you. 

    Shop Martha Calvo Make Your Magic necklace at Twiin Store, £115


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