Thrifty mum shares shopping list to feed a family-of-four for just £20.21 a week and that’s ALL meals

EVERY week, we go into the supermarket with the intention of just sticking to what's on the list – and somehow, we always end up walking out with multiple packs of crisps that were on offer and lacking our everyday essentials.

Sound familiar? Well if you're wanting to break this bad shopping habit, then look no further.

Savvy mum Lorna Cooper, from Paisley near Glasgow, has shared the £20.21 shopping list which she claims feeds a family-of-four for an entire week.

The budget-friendly recipes cover breakfast lunch and dinner and include everything from traditional cottage pie to scotch pancakes.

Lorna learnt to cook on a shoestring budget at the age of 11 when her mother died – and she was inspired to share the recipes after a "£30" government parcel was found to contain just £8.69 worth of shopping.

"I wanted to show people how they can get much more on a small budget with my weekly meal plan," Lorna said. "Hopefully this helps some families who are struggling financially as a result of the COVID pandemic and not being able to have access to free school meals."

What's more, the products on the shopping list can be found at most major supermarkets – although Lorna recommends shopping around for the best price if you can.

She said: "Most of the products in the shopping list can be found at Tesco, the eggs from Farmfoods and stock cubes from Aldi.

"Sometimes it is best to shop around, it may be less convenient, but it makes a huge difference to your budget.

"If you don't have access to a lot of supermarkets nearby, it is good to have a look at your local supermarket’s ‘basic’ range as they are often just as good as some branded products.

"It is also good to check the price per kg of items to make sure you are getting the best value for your money."

Six years ago, the mum-of-five suffered a back injury which forced her to cut back on her weekly food shop budget.

As a result of this, Lorna set up a Facebook page for others to share their homecooked meal ideas and has also written a book called 'Feed Your Family For £20 A Week'.

For more tips on budget-friendly meal ideas, visit Lorna's Facebook groupFeed Your Family for About £20 a Week.

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