Ugg Boots and Oprah’s Favorite Shoes Are Majorly Discounted at This Under-the-Radar Sale

Today is Saturday, January 16, which doesn't mean much except it's yet another day in Ugg season. Thankfully the Ugg shortage of 2020 is over, which means we're due for another incredible secret sale at Gilt, where Ugg prices started at $16 during Cyber Monday. 

Gilt's latest sale begins today and has prices starting at $36, which is pretty incredible for an off-sale season. Not only that, but this secret sale is much larger than last time, with Oprah and Katie Holmes's beloved Sorel shoes up for grabs, in addition to major discounts on best-selling Ugg boots and slippers.

The reality is 2021 is basically 2020 part two, and if you have yet to invest in a comfortable pair of Ugg boots or Sorel shoes, you're majorly missing out. They're the perfect thing to wear on your couch if you're lucky enough to work from home or to slip on when you have to walk your dog. That's basically what celebrities everywhere have been doing since August. Supermodels have taken to Ugg boots so much they're not just wearing them on sets, they're out in public wearing hot pink shades.

And while the Ugg shortage may be over, there's no way there won't be another one given how 2021 is already going. Even Nordstrom's recent restock sold out in record time. Gilt's sale is also only happening for 72 hours, so don't hesitate to shop quickly. Thankfully you won't have to worry about finding a lower price elsewhere either, since Gilt's sales rival even those of the biggest retailers. This is also likely to be the last Ugg boot sale we'll see for a while because it is happening during peek Ugg season.

If you're overwhelmed, we'd recommend you start by looking at the classic Mini II suede boot that's a huge fan favorite for just $114. If you prefer a showier boot like so many celebrities these days, there's the star suede bootie for $117. Even the priciest of Ugg boots, the Bailey Tall Bow II, which normally costs $220, is just $176. The most famous Ugg of all, the suede slipper, which has been in hundreds of paparazzi shots, is also just $49. That's an unheard price — it typically sells out before it can even go on sale. 

And last but not least, Oprah and Holmes will also be pleased to know their beloved Sorels are just $90. While they aren't nearly as buzzy as Uggs, they will be the perfect addition to anyone's cozy boot collection. And if they're one of Oprah's favorite things, we don't need much more convincing. So go ahead and treat yourself to the comfortable boots everyone is wearing right now. There's not much else to do anyway. 

Shop the best Gilt deals on Ugg and Sorel boots below. 

Best Ugg Boots Deals

  • Ugg Classic Tall Boot, $160 (Originally $200)
  • Ugg Classic Short II Suede Boot, $136 (Originally $170)
  • Ugg Bailey Button II Bow Boot, $157 (Originally $200)
  • Ugg Classic Short Waterproof Boot, $177 (Originally $220)
  • Ugg Classic Short Rubber Logo Boot, $144 (Originally $180)

Best Ugg Slipper Deals

  • Ugg Dakota Slipper, $77 (Originally $100)
  • Ugg Ansley Suede Slipper, $80 (Originally $100)
  • Ugg Disco Suede Slipper, $80 (Originally $100)
  • Ugg Elowen Suede Slipper, $110 (Originally $140)
  • Ugg Fluff Yeah Slide Slipper, $80 (Originally $100)

Best Sorel Boot Deals

  • Sorel Cate Suede Boot, $80 (Originally $170)
  • Sorel Conquest Suede Boot, $100 (Originally $170)
  • Sorel Chelsea Leather Boot, $70 (Originally $200)
  • Sorel Slimpack Lace II Leather Boot, $90 (Originally $150)
  • Sorel Tofino II WP Leather Boot, $120 (Originally $170)

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