Weekly horoscope for January 9 to 15: What the stars have in store for every zodiac sign revealed


MAR 21 – APR 20

Friendships need care and attention, no matter how long they’ve lasted. As Mercury spins back, you can take action, close any gaps.  A recent introduction can also bring a link to fresh love – with an identity twist. Your goal-creating chart may not always feel clear, but it’s your sharp Aries instincts that really matter.  Luck writes your name in a new language.

DESTINY DAYS  Take time on Tuesday to work out a new personal plan. 
Step back in time and revive an activity on Wednesday.  Stick to love
rules on Saturday, despite temptations.

LUCKY LINKS  Your relative who loves sweet treats.  A room decorated in
dark colours.  The scent of sandalwood.

ARIES POWER COLOUR As a Fire sign ruled by planet Mars and a symbol of
energy, speed, power — sometimes danger — the colour red is Aries’
natural shade. Adding a touch to your look – maybe via accessories or a
bold red lipstick or nails, can boost passion and motivation and keep
confidence on a high.

At home,  having red in your decor, along with deep orange and egg yolk yellow can inspire and energise you.  But do avoid dark, mystical colours like black and navy blue, which can damp down your straightforward character.


APR 21 – MAY 21

Secrets are tantalising and may feel like a power play in love – but passion works better when you share all your feelings, even the ones you’re not sure about. If
you’re single, this can include asking for another chance with someone
you maybe didn’t “get” – but can’t forget.  You are a social mix of
Jupiter joy and Neptune intensity that makes your star profile sing.

DESTINY DAYS  Ask for a work request to be repeated on Monday.  Thursday
works well for checking mail and writing perfect responses. Arrange key
meetings for 12 o’clock.

LUCKY LINKS  Sparkly earrings.  Phone numbers with three digits the
same.  A new local food supplier.

TAURUS POWER COLOUR  As a strong, stable Earth sign, ruled by Venus the
planet of love, style and money, your key colour is green.  This is such
a calming shade, but it also signifies nature, luxury and growth.  So do
wear green fabrics and emerald jewellery and surround yourself with
plants at home and/or paint rooms in shades of green.

Getting out into nature as often as possible, and growing plants from seed, also create positive energy.  Other Taurus-enhancing colours are dusky pink and
creamy white. But avoid “shouty” hues like acid yellow and bright red.

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MAY 22 – JUNE 21

Do your utmost to push through a set of new work rules or responsibilities by Friday, as Mercury is set to reverse and success could get harder to secure.  A
name linked to a recent celebration pops back up in your inbox and the
feelings can be an unexpected mutual delight.   You have Mars energy on
tap to say what’s right about a current bond – and fix what isn’t.

DESTINY DAYS  Take your time on Tuesday, get the full message across. 
Smile back in a cafe setting on Friday.  Gather special people together
on Sunday.

LUCKY LINKS  Cars with personalised plates.  Words written ten years
ago.  A radio show that’s all requests.

GEMINI POWER COLOUR  Ruled by communication giant Mercury, you are
chatty, curious, charming and versatile – and your zodiac colour is
yellow.  Yes, you bring the sunshine when you wear this outgoing colour, and yellow also provides the mental stimulation and mood-enhancing
boost you adore, when you use it to decorate your home.

Just putting on a yellow coat can cheer you up in even the dreariest of days – and you’ll cheer everyone else up too. Shades of green and blue also work
well for you – but steer clear of black, charcoal and dark red.


JUNE 22 – JULY 22

If you’ve been putting facts before feelings, this week you get everyone talking more honestly about what they want now – this includes yourself.  As change-bringer Pluto plus Venus promise passion bombshells, you can go with the
love-flow and thrive on any change.  At work, too, trying to keep opinions fluid is a smart move.  Prizes link to a “P” country.

DESTINY DAYS  Monday and Tuesday are both confidence boosting moments –
so do tackle tricky conversations.  Spot a destiny property on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS  A woman who wears big bold necklaces.  A TV show about
animal rescue.  Numbers counting up or down in twos.

CANCER POWER COLOUR  You are ruled by the moon, and a sign of shifting,
shimmering Water.  So silver is a natural  colour fit for Cancer. Silver spells intuition and sensitivity and can help you manage any mood swings, plus switch on your natural affinity.  From silver jewellery, perhaps including moon symbols, to silver buttons, to including lots of mirrors around your home, this colour emphasis Cancer’s spirit of reflection and peace.

White and sea-glass blue, and other shades linked to the ocean, also chime in your colour palette.  But avoid moody black and brown, which weigh you down.


JULY 23 – AUG 23

You’re heading for a time of unconventional matches, in everything from marriage to workplace team selections.  The key is to choose people closest to you by what they do, not what they say – and value quality of time together, rather than quantity.  If you’re single, the first face you see in a charity
race or task, can be The One. The sun switches fitness up to Full.

DESTINY DAYS  Tuesday is Try-Something-New Day – especially linked to
diet and exercise.   Check cash balances on Friday.  Stay close to an “M” relative on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS  A clock with pictures instead of numbers.  The scent of
lemons.  A line of dark coloured flags.

LEO POWER COLOUR  As a Fire sign ruled by the Sun, you are dramatic,
confident, brave and a born leader.  Your zodiac colour, orange,
emphasises all these attributes.  Wearing orange helps you stand out,
but also radiate generosity and optimism, both of which are natural Leo

Orange keeps you cheerful and comforts you – used in your home surroundings, it guarantees both a great party and a wonderful sense of warmth.  Gold and purple are also great Leo colours – but pale pastel shades (and beige) leave you cold.


AUG 24 – SEPT 22

If you realise you have overloaded your schedule, or your bank balance, then it’s not too late to look again – and set up a more suitable system.  By the end of the week, when Mercury spins back, you’ll be ready to go live.  Your moon
gift is an ability to talk to anyone – and excite imaginations.  So if you have an idea to pitch, make it soon.  Luck links to a “New” address.

DESTINY DAYS   Reverse a routine journey on Monday to see a
life-changing location. On Wednesday, reinforce love bonds.  Be a
leader, not a follower, on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS  A logo of one or more planets.  Music that reminds you of
an “S” friend.  A travel picture that includes a sailboat.

VIRGO POWER COLOUR Sophisticated and grounded are two elements of your zodiac self reflected in your key colour, brown.  This is the colour of nature and
as well as boosting your wisdom, caring and honesty, brown reinforces
your earthy sensuality, and hidden depths.

You are an earth sign, but also uniquely flexible and adaptable, and wearing brown helps bring this side of you into play.  Other nature-linked tones of green and yellow also suit Virgo, but bright yellow and red are shades to avoid.


SEPT 23 – OCT 23

You love to research, but if you’re coming up with just more questions, this is your week to step back, take stock. And maybe set a time, or money, limit.  Your ability to balance ambitions with emotions at work is a double gift from Jupiter
and Neptune, and a type of career that includes a caring element can feel a great fit when you find out more.  Love fizzes with outdoor fun.

DESTINY DAYS  Celebrate friendships, old and new, on Monday.  If you
need some time alone, take it on Wednesday.  Step in and fill a family gap on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS  A building reached by black steps.  A friend who has moved
North.  Jewellery in the shape of a maths symbol.

LIBRA POWER COLOUR  You’re a vibrant, charming, intelligent and
diplomatic sign, with the mind power of Air and the physical presence of
Venus.  And pink is the perfect combination of all these Libra
characteristics.  From palest pink to deep rich hues, having this colour
in your home enhances peaceful vibes and creates a balance that is so
important to Libra, as you so often strive to keep everyone happy.

Other harmony shades include cream and off-white – but strong colours
like black, and especially red, can upset your zodiac equilibrium.


OCT 24 – NOV 22

If you’re torn between security and excitement – yes, you can have both.  And a new contact who starts off very quiet but soon starts to show a wilder side, can be the key.  At home and at work, the moon guides your heart all week, and reminds you that loyalty is important to you.  No matter what anyone
else says.  The sound of musicians practising can link you to luck.

DESTINY DAYS  Read between the lines of a friend’s message on Tuesday.  Love as your true self on Thursday.  Add your name to a Friday numbers

LUCKY LINKS  Someone who wears a unique jacket.  A name written in gemstones.  Your second-to-last address.

SCORPIO POWER COLOUR A changeable, deep Water sign ruled by transformer planet Pluto and warrior Mars, you are the prime zodiac sign to handle the colour black.  This shade reflects Scorpio mystery, sensuality and tendency to keep a lot of yourself secret.  But you can make it your own, and transform a simple black outfit with clever accessories and stand-out style.

At home, a black front door, or black-painted furniture, adds substance to
your decor.  Deep shades of orange, blueberry and crimson also work – but baby blue and primrose yellow do nothing for Scorpio.


NOV 23 – DEC 21

This is a week of pure imagination, so don’t let anyone try to hold back your feelings, or ideas.  The more freely they flow, the higher you fly.  An “M” friend or relative, who reminds you of yourself in many ways, can be the catalyst. You have confidence to ask for second opinions, at home, in health comments, and in a cash set-up.  No one learns more, or faster, from mistakes.

DESTINY DAYS  Make a new cash plan on Monday.  And a new travel plan on
Wednesday. Step up fitness schedules on Friday.

LUCKY LINKS  The sound of birdsong.  A picture of a white-painted house. The friend who wears the brightest lipstick.

SAGITTARIUS POWER COLOUR You’re truthful, independent, generous and
joyful – and the colour of freedom for Sagittarius is purple.  In every
shade,  in how you dress and how you decorate, purple reflects your
natural optimism and quest for knowledge and experience.

You’re a Fire sign ruled by Jupiter and one of the most creative and energetic in the zodiac, and purple boosts both brain and body power to keep you at the top of your game. Other positive colours for Sagittarius are royal blue and silver.  But orange and yellow can be too hot and heavy for you.


DEC 22 – JAN 20

Love may be a puzzle, but it’s a rewarding one, as Venus, Pluto and the sun all gather in your sign.  And you reveal aspects of yourself no one expects.  This takes passion to the next level – and way beyond.  Money means as much as you let it – and a time of feeling controlled by cash demands an end. If you’re single,  this can change when you look across a glass room.

DESTINY DAYS  Monday is a great day for learning new things.  Reach out
to an absent friend on Wednesday.   Spend on new experiences not objects
on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS  A family phrase or saying.  The last person to give you a
lift.  Numbers that can be divided by five.

CAPRICORN POWER COLOUR  You’re totally on trend with your zodiac power
colour, grey.  In all shades from dark to light, grey reflects the businesslike, capable side of Capricorn, and your ability to take charge and make everyone around you feel protected.  As an earth sign ruled by Saturn,  wearing grey reinforces the idea there’s nothing you can’t do – because you rule your clothing, rather than the other way round.

Other Capricorn-cool colours are dark brown and navy, but pastel shades are
too wishy-washy.


JAN 21 – FEB 18

Make the most of Mercury’s early start in your sign – organising, measuring, managing. By the end of the week, this most capable sign is in reverse, and
taking you on a rollercoaster of romance, adventure and new horizons.  You can discard habits and thoughts from the past and start again.  A display of china animals links you to unexpected meetings – and luck.

DESTINY DAYS  Get all the facts on Tuesday, especially at work. Stay
calm on Thursday and use your personal gifts for drawing people together.  Accept a last-minute invite on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS  Dance music with a Latin beat.  Answering against the
clock.  Biker-style outfits.

AQUARIUS POWER COLOUR From denim to velvet, including the colour blue in your wardrobe is a positive move for Aquarius.  You’re as intellectually open as the sky and as deep and variable as the sea, and blue is the perfect reflection
of these Aquarius qualities.   An air sign and ruled by rebel genius Uranus,  you can be calmed by blue but also find it stimulates your imagination and creativity.

Including shades of blue in your home, along with white, mauve and turquoise lifts your spirits daily.  But say no to murky shades of greens and browns.

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FEB 19 – MAR 20

You can’t, or won’t, pretend – this is what sets you apart but also can make it tough to fit in – until today.  A unique group, or maybe just one special person, is actively seeking your brand of personality – and this can make you richer.  You
have Mars fire in your ambition belly and once you choose a goal, there’s no stopping you!  Luck-wise, take three numbers and repeat them twice.

DESTINY DAYS  Give a family situation a fresh look on Monday.  End a
friendship silence on Thursday.  Follow your adventurous heart on Saturday.

LUCKY LINKS  A street of pastel-painted houses.  Names linked to “Bridge”.  The person you always call first with any good news.

PISCES POWER COLOUR  As the most spiritual and psychic of signs, you are
a Water sign and ruled by mysterious planet Neptune.  You’re sensitive
and emotional, full of empathy for others – and the colour that enhances
all your star qualities is aquamarine, the colour of the sea.

In gemstones, or featured in clothing styles and shades, this colour is both soothing and energising for Pisces – and adding elements of metallic blue, shimmering silver and foamy white can boost your power palette even more.  But moody colours like red and black can drag your spirits down.

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