We've cleared the shelves of cut-price washing powder – I've got 20 huge boxes – at that price, you've got no choice | The Sun

SAVVY money-savers have managed to bag a massive bargain on washing powder from ASDA and they’re spreading the word. 

With the cost of living crisis making it increasingly difficult to get by in one piece, Jackie Turnbull couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the price of Ariel, Bold and Fairy slashed in the retail giant. 

Jumping at the chance to pinch the pennies, she grabbed 10 huge boxes – clearing the shelves for just £19.40 in total. 

“What, a bargain in asda today, all, not. For me all this for £19.40,” [sic] Jackie wrote in the caption fo the Facebook group ‘Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK’. 

Another person went in on the deal as well and bought a whopping 20 boxes of the washing product, explaining: “I’ve literally never had a bargain … 

“I took advantage of this too as these are the only ones my allergic boy can use!”


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After sharing a snap of her trolley, Lian Withers stored them all around her washing machine as she vowed they’ll “last me now”. 

When asked what prices they were selling for, she explained that they ranged between £1.50 and £2.20 depending on how many pods they had in them.

Others were amazed at the find and made a point to praise people who bulk buy on sale items as they end up cheaper in the long term. 

“When I see people buy things THEIR NEED AND CAN AFFORD IN THIS HARD TIME and you need to justify it I laugh,” Funkii Famm said. 

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They added: “If I see 20 and I will use the 20 and can afford it, best believe am clearing the whole 20.” [sic] 

Agreeing, one person replied: “exactly this! £20 for all of that & it is a bargain for something that we all use (in some form) on a daily basis. [sic]

“I would of absolutely brought the lot & kept for myself just for the fact that would see my family through for a few months & made me a huge saving too!” [sic] 

Others, responding to Jackie, shared their belief that bargains used to be helpful when you “needed it”, but now it’s something the general population is in need of. 

And hitting back people slamming people emptying the shelves, they added: “…no one should have to justify his or her actions, given the way it is , [sic] 

“most would clear the shelves, it isnt about greed , its necessity,” [sic] 

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