What colour do you see first in this picture? It tells you everything about the main bit of your personality

WHAT colour is the most dominant for you when you look at this picture?

According to TikToker Fully Sanchez, the colour you see the most of in the image says a lot about how you deal with life on a daily basis.

In the TikTok video, Sanchez gives people three seconds to look at the picture, before asking what the most dominant colour is.

"If it’s dark blue it means you’re a perfectionist, you like to analyse things and you’re very good at it," he began.

If you see more of the yellow, then you're a laidback person who doesn't stress and can adapt easily to any situation.

"And if it’s turquoise it means you’re creative and imaginative," he continued.

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"You like being active as much as taking risks."

"That’s interesting," one person commented on the video.

But others took to the comments section to admit they saw other colours that Sanchez hadn't spoken about in the video.

"I got green, where's that?" one person questioned.

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While another added: "I got green, am I blind?"

"Mine's green," someone else agreed.

And another comment read: "What about maroon?"

Another person revealed that they see the most blue in the picture, but don't identify with the attributes Sanchez described.

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