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IF you're a fan of the doggystyle sex position but not ofdoggystyle effort then you need to try the speed bump.

It's the perfect low maintenance sex position for deep intense toe tingling sex.

What is the speed bump sex position?

The Speed Bump sex position is easy to master and promises intense pleasure without risking a pulled muscle or or having to commit to an intense workout.

Basically, it's a simple version of doggy-style and involves lying on your stomach with a pillow underneath your hips.

The name speed ‘bump’ comes from the rise that’s created by the pillow woman's pelvis.

How do you perform the speed bump sex position?

You can relax while your partner – who is kneeling – enters from behind while holding your hips for support.

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According to Metro, this intimate position allows couples to get much closer than in traditional doggy-style.

Meanwhile, the focus on the woman's G-spot from the positioning of the pillow also makes it much easier to reach a climax.

This position definitely puts the 'bum' in 'bump' as the kneeling partner gets a great view of the woman's backside.

The man can either remain with his torso upright or lean over your back for extra intimacy.

Try playing around with variations of this position if you want to mix it up even more.

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One option is for the person on top keeping their legs between yours, or placing them on the outer side for a stable straddle.

What are the benefits of the speed bump sex position?

The position is often compared to "spooning", a popular cuddling position that helps build intimacy and closeness with your partner.

Luckily, this easy-to-master sex position harnesses that emotional bonding potential too.

Like a real speed bump this position is great for slowing things down in the bedroom.

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Or works great if you and your partner are just starting to get romantic.

The penetrating partner can kiss the back and neck of the receiving partner, and even rest their head on them to take things slower and build tension.

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