What Prince Harry must avoid to maintain ‘luscious red locks’ – expert

William and Harry 'working on rebuilding relationship' says Harrold

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Prince Harry, who is celebrating his 38th birthday today, sadly lost his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II on September 8. The 96-year-old monarch died peacefully at her home in Balmoral Castle.

It is unlikely the Duke of Sussex will celebrate much today due to the required royal period of mourning.

Prince Harry is often praised for his head of ginger hair, which is still relatively full at the age of 38.

The Prince has previously teased his older brother Prince William over his growing baldness.

The men within the monarchy are always seen to have good humour when it comes to their hair, or lack thereof, with the Prince of Wales able to joke about his hairline.

When fulfilling a royal duty in a London coffee shop in 2017, Prince William didn’t appear embarrassed to make a joke about his hair.

“I don’t have much hair, I can’t give you much business,” the father of three joked as he shook hands with the hairdressers from the barbershop next door.

How has Prince Harry managed to maintain more of his hair than his older brother?

Prince Harry is lucky in the sense that his hair loss is far less severe than his brother’s.

Dr Victoria Manning from RegenLab, claims Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is Harry’s best option if he wants to avoid surgery.

She exclusively told Express.co.uk: “PRP’s advantages include increased hair growth density, decreased hair loss, reversal of miniaturised hairs, and preservation of the hair’s life cycle.”

Prince Harry is more vulnerable to UV damage to his hair, however, because he currently resides in sunny Los Angeles, according to the experts.

Redheads are more vulnerable than other people to the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure, therefore if he is not taking the necessary precautions, his hair and skin may deteriorate more quickly.

Dr Jinah Yoo, a Consultant Dermatologist with Revitacare UK, added to Express.co.uk: “The sun is one cause of damaged hair that most people don’t think to look into.

“The cuticle, the outer layer of the hair strand, can be harmed by extended UVA and UVB exposure, just like the skin.

“I would suggest for Harry apply hyaluronic acid treatments to his hair from root to tip to help protect and treat it.

“This can be administered topically, or for quicker results, there are injectable therapies like Revitacare Haircare, which combines a mix of other essential vitamins and minerals to target and enter the scalp and hair while also providing a targeted dose of hyaluronic acid to the hair and scalp.”

What does the future look like for the Prince?

Dr Asim Shahmalak, a professional hair transplant expert from the hit TV show Embarrassing Bodies, created photos last year based on the Prince’s family history and the current trend of hair loss. 

He opined: “Prince Harry, whose hair is thinning more slowly than Prince Williams’, may be able to cling onto his luscious red locks for a little while longer.”

The Duke of Sussex will likely spend his birthday today at his UK base Frogmore Cottage, with his wife Meghan Markle.

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