What you see in this cryptic optical illusion says a lot about your emotions – are you thoughtful or flighty?

WE like to think we know ourselves pretty well – but you know what they say, you learn something new everyday.

This mind-mending optical illusion – created by Bright Side – might just teach you something about your near-jerk emotional responses.

There are two very different illustrations in this one portrait.

So which one do YOU see first?

According to the creators, seeing an upside-down Princess means you have a tendency to be flighty.

They explained: "You'll always be young at heart, fun and outgoing."

Alternatively, you might have also spotted the face of an older woman.

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What you don’t see in this optical illusion could mean you’re SELFISH

The direction you see this horse walking in this illusion says a lot about you

They claim this means "you're more realistic, kind and caring."

In the same video, there's also another optical illusion of a horse – and which direction you think it's walking in is very telling.

If you see the horse walking forwards, it means you're always looking for the good to come in the future.

You can't wait for great things to come into your life and are excited about the future.

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However, if you see the horse walking backward, it might mean you are stuck in the past.

You might be feeling nostalgic about the past and thinking about what could have been done differently, making you a more thoughtful person.

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And users were blown away, with one writing: "This is so accurate Bright Side, keep it up!"

Another added: "Got to know a lot about myself!!"

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