Why you MUST take a tube of Pringles to the beach – plus nine more genius holiday hacks to take the stress out of summer

GET set for summer!

Staycations have never been more popular, so whether you’ve managed to bag two weeks by the beach or are planning a day trip to your favourite seaside spot, here are the top ten hottest holiday hacks and what to pack. 

1.    Use an old double or king-size fitted sheet as a beach blanket.

Weigh down the corners with your cooler and bags.

2.    Buy a big family size cooler.

Not only does it have enough space to chill suncream and beach eats, you can also use it as a table.

3.    Invest in reusable ice packs to cool food and drinks.

Pop on top of your grub as cool air travels downwards. Polar Gear Mini Reusable Ice Packs 3 per pack, £3.49 at Morrisons

4.    Seal your phone and family gadgets into a sandwich bag to protect them from sand and water.

You can still use them through the bag.

5.    Wear flip flops, crocs or jelly shoes that can get wet.

It’s also easy to wash off sand at the showers as you leave the beach.

6.    Apply sun lotion before you get the dressed for maximum coverage and protection.

And don’t forget you can use a tiny drop of cream to tame your own unruly beach brows.

7.    Bring extra bags

You’ll need a one for wet swimming costumes and another for rubbish. Biodegradable bags are the eco-friendly option.

8.    Baby wipes are a cheap and easy way to get sand off your hands before eating.

9.    Hide your money in an empty tube of Pringles.

Thieves will think it’s just food and ignore it.

10. Make your own travel medical kit to save £ss.

Combine a cheap toiletry bag with supermarket offer plasters, antiseptic and bite cream.

Top Beach Tips for Families on a Budget

1.    Beachside parking can be expensive and you’ll have to factor in petrol too. Check if you can travel by coach as they are often the lowest fares, or book trains a few weeks in advance for the best prices.

2.    Bring a packed lunch and chilled water with fruit flavour to keep costs down.  

3.    Save money at pricey beachside stores by bringing a bucket and spade from home. You can pick up a complete set for £2 at Morrisons

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