Woman busts cheating ex after his mate sends her a picture of him on holiday – but can you see what’s wrong?

A WOMAN claimed she realised her boyfriend had cheated on her when his best friend sent her an incriminating photo – but can you see what the problem is?

Petra shared the photo with her followers and pointed out the clue that told her everything she needed to know.

In a video clip, Petra showed a text conversation between herself and her boyfriend’s best friend.

The best friend sent her a photograph of her boyfriend lying in bed and captioned it: “He’s fine.”

In the photo, however, Petra spotted a used condom lying next to her boyfriend.

The video racked up 13.9 million views and commenters were shocked and horrified.

One wrote: “He’s actually so lazy he threw it on the bed and not in the garbage. You dodged a bullet sis.”

“This actually just broke my heart lol glad he’s an ex now”, said another.

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In a follow-up video, Petra explained the situation in more detail.

She claimed: “My partner at the time went on a boys’ trip to another country and this country had quite a substantial time difference. 

“So, I’d go a few hours without hearing from him but this night I went I think 12 or 13 hours that I hadn’t heard from him, hadn’t heard from any of his friends or anything, so I was starting to get a little worried and I was like: ‘Where are you?’

“Messaged his friend during the night to check if any of them were ok and then I still hadn’t heard from the friend in the morning so I double messaged and then that’s when the friend sent the photo of the guy in the bed.”

She alleged that the best friend tried to convince her the used condom in the photo was set up as a prank, but she still doesn’t know if this is true.

She said: “The guy that sent it claimed it was a prank and me and he’d set it up. To this day, I don’t know whether that’s true or not. 

She also revealed that she did take her boyfriend back after seeing the incriminating photos. 

She said: “I did take him back. Not proud of it.”

Commenters sympathised with Petra’s experience.

“Oh honey that was NOT a prank”, said one, while another wrote: “Better off without him! Even if it was a prank! People don’t realise ‘pranks’ like that can hurt people!”

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