Woman humiliated after being ordered into a free T-shirt by Disney World staff as her strappy vest ‘wasn’t appropriate’

A WOMAN was left humiliated after Disney World staff allegedly ordered her to put on a t-shirt claiming the strappy vest top she had on "wasn't appropriate"

Alyssa Schueller filmed the incident and shared it on TikTok where she claimed she was given the t-shirt for free so that she could cover up and abide by the theme park's dress code.

In May, TikTok user Amanda shared a video making the same claim, and said she was given a £50 Disney World sweater because she was showing too much underboob.

Alyssa wrote in her video "it's true guys," presumably referencing Disney World's policy on clothing.

She showed herself walking through the park with the caption: "Getting escorted to a free shirt because mine 'isn't appropriate.'"

She than flashed a glimpse of the top she was wearing – a slinky black top which exposed part of her midriff – before panning to the Disney World employee who looks to be escorting her.

Later in the video, you can see what looks to be the employee filling out a voucher at the gift shop with a bright yellow Disney World t-shirt on the counter.

Alyssa then shows herself wearing the yellow garment and making a peace sign, after presumably being made to put it on.

In the comments, Alyssa said she'd previously worn the same top to Animal Kingdom – another park operated my Disney World – and her choice of clothing wasn't questioned.

"Fyi I was at Animal Kingdom ALL morning without issue," she wrote.

"Went to Epcot and this happened. Went back to AK and had no issue once again."

"If Disney wants to endorse a dress code, then they need to do just that," she continued. "But the inconsistency… pls."

According to Disney World's website, "proper attire, including shoes and shirts, must be worn at all times," as its theme parks are "casual, family-oriented" environments.

It also says the theme park "reserves the right" to deny admission to or remove anyone who chooses not to abide by the dress code.

Which includes, "clothing which, by nature, exposes excessive portions of the skin that may be viewed as inappropriate for a family environment."

Fabulous Digital has contacted Disney World for a comment.

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