Woman jazzes up her home using free wallpaper samples and stylish Ikea frames

A MUM has transformed her home with a series of savvy wall features using strips of wallpaper samples and simple hanging picture frames.

Donna Taylor took to Facebook group Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks to share her ingenious trick, posting pictures of the finished products hanging proudly across her home.

Proving there's no need to fork out on expensive artwork or overused posters, the mum showed that all you need are some black frames to totally change up a wall space.

She wrote: "My new thing is framing wallpaper! I use cheap frames from IKEA and add wallpaper samples from wherever I've spotted them. I've done loads."

The mum admitted they were perfect for 'ever changing colour schemes' as the samples can easily be swapped out for something different whenever she decides to switch it up.

"I take a tape measure and rip off the amount that I need from the sample roll," she continued. "If there's a sample roll open and no sign saying you have to pay, I assume you can take a piece."

Saving money on the pictures inside by scrimping off samples, the mum can afford to buy sets of RIBBA frames from IKEA, which cost £14 for one poster-sized frame.

Pictures showed how the mum had used different wallpapers in her children's bedrooms to brighten the space – harnessing a baby pink and peacock feather print mix to add some class to her daughter's space.

And while a space-themed wallpaper sample hung from her son's room wall, the bathroom was decorated with slightly more feminine prints – a collection of flowers and birds.

Even the living room featured the sample pictures, bringing splashes of colour onto the cream walls with yellow and grey wallpapers to match the sofas.

DIY lovers were truly impressed by the mums effort and took to the comment section to share their love for the cheap trick.

"You're right – shops don't charge unless you take loads and a picture doesn't need much," one woman replied. "This is a really easy way to make such a big difference."

Another agreed: "Can see the living room looks much better with a touch of colour on the walls."

While a third wanted to give it a go: "I'm so trying this the next time I go to B&Q!"

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