Woman left furious after realising Tinder date only wanted to meet her to get info on his ex WIFE

DATING online is hard enough as it is, but one woman was left furious when she realised the guy she had met on Tinder had an ulterior motive for asking her out.

An Australian woman matched with a guy named Adam on Tinder, after a string of failed attempts to find love using the dating app – and despite wanting to take things slow, agreed to meet him after he continuously told her "hot" she was.

Liking the boost to her self-esteem, she and Adam arranged to meet for a drink in a bar, but the woman, 36, soon realised why her date had been so interested in her.

"It soon became clear to me why he was so keen to catch up with me, and it had nothing to do with how 'hot' I apparently was,' she told 9honey.

Prior to meeting, the woman says all she knew about Adam was that he had been married before and moved to Sydney when he got divorced.

Initially things were going well, Adam, who had been single for three years, was from a big family, just like she was, and she immediately found him attractive.

He then spent time asking her lots of questions, before conversation turned to her work and Adam quizzed her on her company, her bosses and whether she knew a woman that worked at the same place.

It was her former co-worker who she had worked alongside for four years and she told Adam she knew the woman he was talking about "very well".

"That opened up a string of more questions from him — he wanted to know where she was living, whether she was married and had any children," she revealed.

She then recalled Adam being extremely "insistent" on wanting to know everything about her former co-worker, only to find out that her ex-colleague was actually her date's ex-wife.

"He confessed he'd been married to Katrina and she divorced him and ghosted him. I was furious. I realised he'd only wanted to see me so he could get as much information about her as he could," she revealed.

Not surprisingly, the woman made her excuses to end the date and swiftly left the bar.

Slamming Adam for his actions, she said: "Dating is difficult enough without a guy like this making it even more difficult."

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