Woman left mortified after accidentally sexting her GRANDMA – but her cheeky response saved the day

CONSIDERING how our texts are usually full of typos and accidental emojis, it's hardly surprising that we're forever sending them to the wrong people too.

But while we find it cringeworthy enough texting a shopping list to our boss (true story), please spare a thought for this TikTok user who sent her dear old grandma a NUDE.

Earlier this month, Kimberley – who records the podcast Excuse My Grandma with her nan Gail -shared her epic blunder in a viral video.

The social media star wrote: "Have you ever sent a nude to your grandma? Do you want me to describe it to you?"

She then shared the VERY sassy text her grandma sent her in response to the accidental nude.

Gail fumed: "Kimberly. What is this? This better not have been sent to a man or I will disown you."

But just when you thought Gail was being a little too harsh, she then ended the text in the best way possible.

She continued: "Also you need new lingerie – can I take you shopping this week?"

Needless to say, Gail's response was a hit with TikTok viewers.

"SHES OUR GRANDMA NOW," one replied.

Another added: "Hahah omg this is actually sweet."

Meanwhile, a third added: "I'm cackling."

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