Woman mum-shamed by nursery for late pick-up time – she claims they’re rude but trolls say she made a big mistake | The Sun

A MUM was furious with her daughter's nursery after they gave her the cold shoulder for being late to pick-up.

The woman explained that she was only ten minutes after collection time but hadn't been greeted on arrival.

She said that the educator just silently handed over her two-year-old without saying a word.

Taking to Mumsnet, the upset mother said: "I was ten minutes late picking up my [daughter] from nursery today.

"The educator that did hand over was not happy at all! She didn’t say a word to me, not even hello or goodbye to my two-year-old daughyer.

"She didn’t say anything when I apologised for being late so I couldn’t explain my reason for being late.

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"The nursery closes at 3pm, I arrived at 3.10pm. I couldn’t ring ahead and let them know as my phone is broken at the moment.

"Am I being unreasonable to be upset about the educator being like this towards me?

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"She has only been at this nursery since November. It makes me not want to send her back."

Fellow Mumsnet users were quick to jump in with their thoughts on the situation, but very few were keen to side with the mum.

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One person said: "Ideal world, she might have been more polite, but potentially you have now made both her, and the other member of staff who had to stay late, late for picking up their own [child] from somewhere."

Another said: "Late to pickup is a big no-no. It’s up to you to update them (surely someone around you had a phone!).

"And also, at least in the daycares and preschool I’ve used, parents make arrangements with another parent to wait with their kid if they are running late."

A third said: "They are human and I agree, you might have ruined their day for some specific reason.

"They might have let someone down who was sick or been late to pick their own kid up."

Another said: "She shouldn't have been rude, but you are eating into her personal time (which is possibly unpaid). I wouldn't have been pleased either."

While another said: "You have hugely inconvenienced her. She may be late to collect her own child now, miss a bus, miss seeing an elderly parent, have to rush her errands.

"You may think it's just one day but consider everyone in that position doing it just once and they're working an extra hour a week."

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