Woman received threatening note accusing her of bringing down house prices after she left her wheelie bin on the street

A WOMAN is in shock after receiving a threatening note from her neighbour accusing her of bringing house prices down – because she left her wheelie bin out. 

The resident, who says she’s lived at the house in Burton, Staffs., for two months, branded the note ‘nasty’, as she said neighbours should be coming together at this time. 

Staffordshire Live reported the letter, which was sent just before the third lockdown, was written by an NHS worker, who accused the woman of breaking lockdown rules as well. 

It says: “To the residents of number ** we would all appreciate if you could remove your wheelie bin on the day it has been emptied and not leave it out for days.

"We did not pay £300,000 for a house and for people like you to bring the house prices down.

"Also in regards to the Covid there are restrictions and it seems you and your friends and lodgers are not adhering to.

We did not pay £300,000 for a house and for people like you to bring the house prices down

"As I work in the NHS I see the results of the spread of Covid and the devastation it causes to families.

"So stop being so selfish and think of other people.

"I have notified the police of your behaviour and will be notifying your landlord."

The resident branded the note ‘bullying’, saying the unsigned letter had left her anxious and depressed, fearing she has an ‘enemy’ among her neighbours.

She said: "At a time like this I thought people were supposed to stick together, not send harassing letters through the post to their neighbours."

The resident lives in a property provided by a charitable housing association, which offers affordable homes, and has now been made to feel too ‘underprivileged’ to live on the street. 

She fumed: "This is no more than bullying, as I live in a Trent and Dove property. I have been made to feel like I am too underprivileged to be on this street, which isn't a nice feeling at all.

"I just feel like at a time like this, a global pandemic is not the time to be sending such nasty messages through people's doors."

And she hit back at the claims she broke lockdown rules, saying the only visitors she had were her support bubble.

Maybe next time they could come and ask me nicely to move my bin

She added: "As for the comment about having people round, that was my family who are in my support bubble.

"I'm following the rules and this was before the lockdown.

"It's made me feel paranoid to see family in case they call the police even though I'm in a support bubble. It feels like a threat."

And she said not collecting the bin after it had been emptied was an oversight, claiming it was only outside for one night. 

She added: "Maybe next time they could come and ask me nicely to move my bin.

"Apparently that's a problem. Saying I'm bringing the house prices down makes me feel like a tramp.

"It feels like I've got enemy on the street."

The woman said whoever sent the note should be disgusted with themselves.

The resident added: "I have been struggling with depression and anxiety these past few months and find it hard to leave my house, and to have this posted through the door really isn't nice, I have been having anxiety attacks ever since I received this.

"If this is an NHS worker they should be disgusted with their behaviour. I'm just glad that this hasn't been sent to someone who wouldn't take it on the chin so easily."

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