Woman shares ice hack which gets any room cold during the heatwave – it’s basically budget air con | The Sun

WANT air con at home but don’t want to pay?

A woman has shared her ice pack hack which gets her room cold during a heatwave, and it’s basically a budget air con system.

TikTok user Emily Jane, who posts under @emilymagowan, showed how all you need is an ice pack and a fan.

She explained: “I have a hack that’s going to make you so much cooler.

“It’s going to make your room, your apartment, ten times cooler than what it is now and trust me, every little bit helps.

“You are going to buy a flexible ice blanket, they are also called ice sheets, they look like this.

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“I bought this today, now we’re going to freeze it.

“Then what you are going to do is lie it over your fan, or if you have a tall one you can tape it around.

“Then you are going to turn your fan on and the cold air is going to blast over you and trust me, your apartment will be at least five degrees cooler.”

Many people were highly impressed with her hack, with one person saying: “Girl you are a life saver!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!!”

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And another added: “wow thank you for sharing.”

Meanwhile a third commented: “You can also put these in your bed for about 30 mins before you go to sleep.”

Many fans state you shouldn’t directly cover them for safety reasons, so it’s probably best if you place ice packs close by instead.

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