Woman shares savvy way she's keeping her house warm as temperatures plummet – and it cost her less than £40 | The Sun

WITH temperatures dropping and fears about rising energy bills, we’re all trying to stay warm on a budget this winter. 

Luckily one woman has shared the savvy way she’s keeping her home warm – and it takes just five minutes to set up. 

TikTokker @chilliboxface regularly shares lifestyle content with her 523 followers and has gained more than 13,000 likes for her tips on how to stay warm without pushing up your energy bills. 

In her latest video, she shares how she’s used a tension rod and curtain across the front door to keep the heat in. 

And it’s worked so well that she hasn’t had to put the heating on yet. 

“Another trick if you’re not having your heating on this winter. 


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“One of the main goals is to prevent as much heat loss as possible. One of the ways we’re doing this is we have a curtain in front of our front door, as you can see. 

“This is just an extendable shower curtain rail that we’ve put up there. You don’t have to drill or anything. 

“I think it was about £15 on Amazon. The curtain itself was about £30, and that’s because it goes from the ceiling to the floor, but that’s it. Done. 

“These are great if you live like we do, with a door that leads to a stairwell which is often really cold. But they’re also really good if you live with a door that goes straight onto the street. 

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“Of all the things that we’ve tried to keep the heat inside while we’re here, this I think has had the biggest impact on the temperature in our flat. 

“We feel it immediately if we’ve [forgotten] to close it. 

“It’s currently zero to two degrees outside, I live in Scotland, and we haven’t had the heating on yet this year.

“Hope this helps. Stay warm!” 

In the comments, she added: “My grandma always had a curtain over the door and still does. She inspired ours.”

She also added that it can be done even cheaper. 

Shoppers can get tension rods from various retailers, including Dunelm, with prices starting at just £6. 

Curtains can also be bought online and in-store from numerous brands, and cost as little as 15. 

Fans loved the easy hack, with the video gaining more than 6,100 likes and 129,000 views. 

In the comments, the content creator’s followers shared their own hacks, with one writing: “Rolled up bath towel across bottom of door also helps.”

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Another said: “Game changer I double up with eyelet curtains from a charity shop & hang a hanging dehumidifier on the back of the door to absorb moisture.”

A third said: “I’m thinking of getting sticky-backed sealant for the door and windows to help with drafts too.” 

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