Woman shows how to get the perfect slice of cake each time using TONGS instead of a knife

HAVE birthdays or special occasions ever resulted in a family feud because someone unintentionally got a bigger slice of cake?

If, like us, you answered yes, then you'll be in for a treat – and not just of the cake variety.

A genius mum has revealed her incredible hack which ensures she gets the perfect slice of cake every single time.

This not only means less mess and less time spent cutting the cake, but it also means no more family arguments over who got the bigger slice.

TikTok user Mimi To filmed her mum demonstrating the hack, and, thankfully, decided we all had to be in on it.

In the clip,her mum can be seen standing in front of a birthday cake armed with a pair of metal tongs.

And, what comes as a surprise to many, she uses the handle of the kitchen appliance to slice through the sweet treat creating the perfect slice.

But not only does she use the tongs to cut the cake, but they can easily be used to serve the slice too – all in one easy sweep.

Still shocked by the revelation, Mimi narrates: "It cuts perfectly, it is a perfect triangle you guys… life hack."

But Mimi wasn't the only one amazed by the simple trick which has now been seen more than 5.5 million times since being posted earlier this year.

"Oh my God this is amazing," one viewer wrote.

Another commented: "Your mum is so fancy and I feel like she's one of those people who do the best stuff and act like it's nothing.”

And a third joked: “Your mum is living in 3020.”

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