Woman warns people against Turkey teeth after she was devastated with hers – but people are focused on something else | The Sun

WE’VE seen far too many Turkey teeth fails in recent weeks, but it looks like not everyone is listening to the warnings. 

Maya Rey is a TikTok influencer, she's shared her experience with Tukey teeth online warning people against them.

In a video online Maya said: “I have something to say do not get Turkey teeth.” 

She said: “I got turkey teeth and my sh*t is f**ked up. Yes everything they tell you about your gonna regret them in a few years. I regretted them the next day. Do not do it.”

Maya explained: “Two years ago I flew to Turkey and I got a full set of veneers. It was super last minute, and my teeth were beautiful before. I’ll show you guys right now.”

Maya showed her viewers a picture of her teeth before. 

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She said: “I went in and said I wanted veneers and she ended up giving me crowns when I should have just gotten veneers, composite veneers. 

Maya said: “So she grinded my teeth down to little numbs. I'll show you now. They were so bad. It hurt so bad. Like no numbing. For my teeth to come out like this.”

Maya continued: “They looked the same and I said I wanted long canines, I wanted big teeth. So they ended up looking like this. They were fine but it’s not what I wanted.”

She said: “So I come back to Canada four days later and I lost a front tooth. My front tooth falls out. So I had to get that put back in and I was okay, I might as well just get the canines that I wanted."

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Maya said: “So I ended up getting new canines so now after getting the new canines they didn’t match these teeth (her front teeth). So my canines were long and my front teeth were tiny. So then I got those done.”

She said: “So now here I am, I chipped another front tooth so I need to get that done.”

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Maya’s video went viral with over 1 million views.

But it wasn’t Maya’s teeth viewers were talking about. 

It was her lips.

One commenter said: “What about ya lips?”

A second commenter said: “Dissolve.”

Another commenter said: “Do you still feel your lips?”

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But not all viewers were focused on Maya’s lips, many said they looked nice.

One commenter said “I love her lips tbh.”

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