Woman with one-stone boobs begs for surgery because her ‘meat bags’ make her back hurt & blokes make sleazy comments

A WOMAN whose breasts weigh ONE STONE is desperate for reduction surgery after they cause her crippling back pain and unsolicited comments from sleazy men.

Hollie Bee took to TikTok where she revealed that she had struggled with her breasts since she was a teen.

Speaking in the video, she said: “I’ve wanted a breast reduction since I was about 13 years old at which point I was about 65 per cent boob.

“Regrettably at this stage I am at least 97.8 per cent fleshy meat bags. Yay.

“Sadly my back is no longer coping with my lady shelving and something needs to be done. The official medical line is ‘lose weight they’ll go away.’”

Hollie explains that despite losing over four stone, she has seen no improvement.

“So far I’m 60lbs down, I’ve lost seven inches from my waist but the 14lbs of torso melons remain and I am in pain” she adds.

“This prompted me to reach out to the beautiful people of the NHS and request the slicey dicey bye bye bresticle procedure.

“I am doing my best to meet their guidelines, they want me to lose another 70lbs on top of the first 60lbs so I am working on that for now. But even then I probably won’t qualify.”

Hollie says that she is currently trying to raise the £8,000 needed to pay for private surgery.

Aside from her crippling back pain, Hollie says that she is regularly subjected to sleazy comments from lecherous men.

She has been asked to get them out in public, and in one horrifying case a man grabbed one of her boobs before making a “honking” noise.

Hollie’s video has since amassed over two million views, receiving hundreds of messages of support from fellow “cumbersome” women.

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