Women are only just realising the easiest way to remove leg hair in the shower… and it isn’t shaving | The Sun

A NUMBER of women are now just realising the easiest way to get rid of their leg hair in the shower.

And news flash: it ISN’T shaving. 

Everyone who shaves their legs has learnt the hard way that the wrong razor can cause those irritating shaving cuts which never stop bleeding and a blunt one can cause an awful rash which never stops itching. 

But it turns out, there’s a much better alternative which we all thought couldn’t be used in the shower. 

One woman on Tik Tok has just discovered that Veet has a dedicated hair removal cream for in-shower use.

Simmie Kaur said: “I stopped using Veet a couple of years ago because it was just a bit too messy. 

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“I used to go in the shower, come out, use veet, take it off and then go back in the shower.

“It was a bit too much.”

The actress – who regularly posts on Tik Tok – said the discovery has changed her life. 

The easy cream just requires you to lather it on before jumping into the shower. 

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A blurb of the product on Veet’s website reads: “To make removing hair even simpler, Veet In-Shower Cream has been designed to fit in with your busy routine. 

“Apply it just before jumping into the shower, and in the time it takes you to wash your hair, you’ll be hair free and silky smooth – it couldn’t be easier!

“With a unique combination of water resisting ingredients, it works while you shower, leaving you with touchably smooth skin.”

According to the hair removal brand, their cream works near the root to make our legs silky smooth.

It can even be used on short hair to get rid of any pesky stubble that shaving might irritate. 

People flocked to the comments of Simmie’s video to share their shock at her discovery. 

One said: “I've learnt on Tik Tok that I have not been adulting properly.”

Another echoed: “I did not know this.”

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