Women who play peekaboo with their bra and knickers are tacky – it’s underwear, not outerwear & it's not sexy at all | The Sun

PLAYING peekaboo with your bra is a bad look.

It is underwear, not outerwear, and having it on display is tacky.

There was one glimmer of joy throughout the pandemic — I relegated my restrictive bras to the underwear drawer.

I’ve had a love-hate relationship with them since getting my first off-white A-cup when I was 11.

The boys revelled in twanging my straps and since then — now I’m a size 34DD — I’ve been left with deep grooves in my shoulders.

I’ve baulked at stars who reveal their bras beneath tracing-paper-thin tops and cringed at those whose lacy cups peek out of low-buttoned shirts.

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It is as awful as letting your dupe Calvin Kleins sneak above your low-slung jeans.

Women in their 40s, 50s and 60s should act their age — not their bra size.

Showing it off when you’re in your 20s is shameful, but anyone over 40 who reveals their bra as clothing needs to give their head a shake.

A bra is only sexy if it’s lightweight and slinky and I need mine as structured as an aircraft hangar to do its job.

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It isn’t just bras on show I can’t stand but sexy underwear generally.

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty underwear range features everything from “mesh teddies” (the outfit, not the bear), to open-back Brazilian briefs and leg suspenders with tassels.

Plus, I’m sick to the back teeth of women parading around in “empowering” undies that look about as comfortable as a bungee-jumping harness.

Lingerie brand Bluebella found that 76 per cent of women wished men didn’t buy them underwear.

Once, when my husband Cornel bought me something resembling a fishing net, I stuffed it to the back of my drawer, never to be seen again.

Despite sleeping in pyjamas and bed socks, me and Cornel have sex regularly, so I can’t be that unappealing.

And I bet if they were really honest, 99 per cent of women would agree with what I say.


I LOVE flaunting nice underwear, the prettier and lacier the better.

I have spent a fortune, contributing a huge chunk to the £241million splurged on lingerie annually in the UK.

I have more than 50 bras, enough to suit every occasion, and the thought of wearing an ancient greying bra makes me recoil. It’s scruffy and ill thought out.

For me, planning what to wear starts from the inside out so I relish the latest trend of wearing a top that reveals more than a hint of lace.

It’s nice to see celebrities embracing it too. In Paris last month Amanda Holden looked stunning flashing a black lacy bra in a cut-out blouse.

And thank goodness the pandemic — the era of “the softcup bra” — is behind us. I’m astounded that Calvin Klein saw a 70 per cent increase in sales of the ghastly things.

Google searches for “plunge bra” have soared 714 per cent in the last six months.

I fell in love with underwear when my mother put a pair of red knickers in my Christmas stocking when I was 12. I realised then that undies didn’t have to be white and utilitarian.

If I’m wearing a dress with spaghetti straps I’ll pair it with a “feature bra” in a different colour. When I’m wearing a sheer shirt, you’d never spot a boring T-shirt bra underneath — mine froth with lace.

In 2017, straight out of surgery to remove a cancerous breast lump, I didn’t cry once until I was   shopping for soft, non-underwired bras in M&S.

Part of my carefree identity felt stripped wearing those and they went in the bin as soon as my wound healed.

The scar on my left breast reminds me I have overcome adversity, so why wouldn’t I want to showcase my 36Ds in something exquisite?

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