You have a top IQ if you can spot the odd one out of these camels in less than 10 seconds | The Sun

YOU must have a top IQ if you can spot the odd animal hiding between these camels in under ten seconds.

The tricky puzzle shows a family and a number of camels- but between them, there is an odd one out- can you spot it?

The brainteaser, shared by Bright Side, shows a man holding one of the camels.

A woman can be seen sitting on its back while a woman and a boy are enjoying a ride on another camel.

The other camels are carrying bags on their backs.

The optical illusion challenges viewers to find the odd one out in the image.

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Only a special 2 per cent of people can find it in less than ten seconds.

If you're struggling try to focus on the right side of the image.

If you look carefully, you'll realise there's something different about the last animal in the queue.

It has no humps therefore it is not a camel so it's the odd one out.

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